Mission Statement


WCCHA is ceasing operations as of 2021. A team of tireless individuals built this organization, and many more tireless volunteers continued their mission for decades. Faculty members all over Washington State benefited in myriad ways from the lively conferences, prestigious awards, and stunning literary magazine, Crosscurrents. Due to a lack of dedicated volunteers to continue the leadership needs of the organization, WCCHA will meet it’s final sunset in 2021. If you are a dedicated faculty member at a Washington State Community College, who would like to form a leadership team to support and revive this organization and publication, contact Michael Mills: Former Editor in Chief of Crosscurrents at mmills@pencol.edu (360) 417-6462 to inquire about transitioning the organization to a new leadership team.

Mission Statement:

The Washington Community Colleges Humanities Association exists to promote effective, inventive, and vital Humanities instruction by Washington state community colleges instructors.

WCCHA provides professional support and personal renewal through the context of dialogues, presentations, publications, and other exchanges that emphasize essential and life-sustaining values. To ensure these endeavors, WCCHA actively supports Humanities instruction throughout the Washington Community College System; addresses the needs for collegiality, creativity, and pedagogy among Humanities faculty on a statewide basis; maintains a forum for the examination of the role, purpose, and value the Humanities provide in academic and professional settings.